Jävla skitsystem!

Hur en usel digital arbetsmiljö stressar oss på jobbet – och hur vi kan ta tillbaka kontrollen

A ”call to arms to make things better”: Martin Belam on ”Stupid bloody system!”

Martin Belam at Currybetdotnet has a nice and thoughtful review of my talk at EuroIA: ”Jonas had a significant point to make about traditional user testing though. It is based around testing consumer products, where watching a few people for an hour each is good enough. Jonas doesn’t think that cuts it in the workplace […]

The doctor that rocks the mouse

Henrik Ahlén was bewildered. Each of the three computers he was looking at was connected to a humming test tube rocker (the machine that rocks your blood test sample, so it won’t coagulate). But something wasn’t right. These computers were not placed in a laboratory. The scene was a waiting room at the Department of […]

What’s the waiter doing with the computer screen?

When Richard Gatarski and a few friends wanted to dine in the Swedish city of Norrköping a few weeks ago, they booked a table at a downtown Italian restaurant that seemed nice. When they arrived, they were greeted by the headwaiter, who asked if they had a reservation. Richard confirmed, and the headwaiter looked at […]

”I would make it mandatory reading”

”I think this is one of the most important books written about IT-systems and the problems they can bring on a personal level for the people who forced to using them. Too bad is is not translated to English (yet?).” Jävla skitsystem!, 23 feb 2011 Ulrik Eklund has written a short but very favourable review […]

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    “Jävla skitsystem!” är den första boken på svenska – och så vitt känt i världen - som tar upp problemen med dåliga datasystem ur ett konsekvent arbetsmiljöperspektiv. Usla datasystem gör oss frusterade, arga, stressade på jobbet. Ändå är det vanligt att användarna tar på sig skulden - och inte ser att det egentligen är de usla systemen som behöver förändras. Den här boken hjälper dig att känna igen hur datasystemen stressar - och hur vi kan försöka börja ta tillbaka kontrollen.
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